Welcome to UCC Co-Op - September 2012

Congratulations on completing your co-op course...well almost! We hope this has been a valuable learning experience for you. Think of the experience you have gained and the skills you have developed over the past 5 months. We hope these skills will help you in your future jobs and studies.

There are a few things left to complete before the semester wraps up.

1) All time sheets and assignments must be submitted to your co-op teacher.
2) Complete the following end of term assignments:

End of Term Assignments:

Updated Resume Sample spacer.gifspacer.gifspacer.gifspacer.gifspacer.gifspacer.gifspacer.gifspacer.gifspacer.gifspacer.gifspacer.gifspacer.gifspacer.gifspacer.gifspacer.gifspacer.gif

Thank You Letter to Employer

Pre-Placement Assignments: Submit all assignments to your teacher as they are completed. Save a copy on a USB and your g:drive.

1, Self Introduction/Biography

2a. Self Assessment Assignment - print
2b. Life Styles Clock Profile (Use this to complete Section 1d from handout)
2c. Cracking the Code (Use this for Cracking the Code section)
2d. Employability Skills Quiz (Use for Employability Skills Quiz section)

3a. Interview Assignment - 17 questions
3b. Interview Assignment - Just download and type

4. Cover Letter

5a. Resume
5b. Simple Resume

6. Contact employer(s) for placement - view an alphabetical
listing of previous co-op placements
View the Chatham-Kent Business Directory by City or by Occupation

7. Complete an online Passport to Safetycertificate
8. Attend Safety Presentation
Obtain your PIN and password from your teacher

9. Job Application
Complete a job application form provided by your teacher
10. Get your WEAsigned by parents/guardian

11. Review the SHSM, Dual Credit and OYAP information.
See tabs at side for pages
12. Check out the eight Dual Credit Videos on the Video's tab to the left

Before You Begin Co-Op:

Eight Safety Rules for Students spacer.gifspacer.gifspacer.gifspacer.gifspacer.gifspacer.gifspacer.gifspacer.gifspacer.gifspacer.gifspacer.gifspacer.gifspacer.gif

Roles of the Co-Op Student

Accident Reporting for Students

Do you need a police check for your placement?
CK Police

At the Workplace:
Health and Safety Checklist with Employer spacer.gifConfidentiality Agreement

Journals 1 and 2

15 Co-op Tasks - due Nov 13 spacer.gifspacer.gifspacer.gifspacer.gifspacer.gifspacer.gifspacer.gifspacer.gifspacer.gif spacer.gifspacer.gif

Journal 3

Career Pamphlet - due Dec 11

Career Fair Display Board - due Dec 12spacer.gifspacer.gifspacer.gifspacer.gifWebsites:

Journals 4 and 5

In-Class Reflective Day Assignments: In class days: Oct 2, Oct 30, Nov 20, Dec 11, Dec 12, Jan 15
1a) Ontario Skills Passport
1b) Ontario Skills Passport Review
OSP Skills Zone Games
Test your skills and knowledge by completing the 4 interactive games!

2a) Lost Youth Video Worksheet (Work Safe Activity)
Lost Youth Video YouTube Link
Lost Youth Video Link
2b) Find the Hazards Activity
2c) Employment Standards Act - Assignment
2d) True Tales of Health & Safety True Tales

3a) A Brief Note on Unions
3b) Unions Assignment
Additional Union info:
spacer.gifspacer.gifspacer.gifspacer.gifspacer.gifspacer.gifspacer.gifspacer.gifspacer.gif spacer.gifspacer.gif
4) Young Worker Awareness - Information and Rights

Career Fair Assignments: Career Fair is Wednesday, Dec 12!

1) Career Pamphlet

2) Career Fair Board Career Information Display Board